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Given what Jesus did to the money-lenders, what would he do to the species-benders?

GeneWatch UK today slammed the EU’s new draft rules for approving genetically modified (GM) insects, fish, farm animals and pets. The organisation warned that billions of GM insect eggs and caterpillars would be left in vegetables and fruit if UK company Oxitec’s GM moths and flies are approved by the EU under the new rules. Oxitec’s GM insects have been genetically engineered so their caterpillars die inside olives or tomatoes or on the leaves of cabbages. The company plans to release GM pests across the EU to mate with wild pests in an attempt to reduce their numbers. Millions of GM pests must be released each week to have any effect on wild populations.
GeneWatch UK PR: Billions of genetically modified bugs will spread in fruit and veg under new EU proposals

Jesus wept. Is there no end to the depth of our ethical depravity?

When we finally succeed, as we inevitably shall, in wiping mankind off the face of the earth, Gaia will breathe a sigh of relief.

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  1. whatsnormality
    August 29, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    Although we see countless cases of stupidity such as this every day, I still find it jaw-dropping that people will destroy the environment (and surely enough, ourselves and future generations) just to make more money on a crop.


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