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China is a pariah

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It subverts our websites, steals our IP, floods us with spam, sabotages our infrastructure, destroys our jobs and rapes our women. It has to be stopped. And if that takes billions of pounds, dollars and euros in taxes, we understand.

Show me the proof.

OK, well, yes, here it is.

Malware inserted on PC production lines, says study
Several new computers in a Chinese factory were found to have been infected with malware which was installed there, according to a study by Microsoft.
Some computers have been infected with malware on the PC production line, says Microsoft…
Malware infecting PCs on production line, Microsoft says
CBC News
Pre-installed malware in production lines spurs Microsoft’s 3322.org takedown
Infosecurity Magazine

I could go on, but that should be proof enough for anyone – the Chinese have been caught installing malware on the computers they manufacture.

Only that’s not what Microsoft says. There are two primary sources for this story: a Technet blog and a PDF report. ‘Production line’ is never mentioned in either document. The only mention of the source is that “we discovered that retailers were selling computers loaded with counterfeit versions of Windows software embedded with harmful malware.” It does not say who those retailers were. Nor does either document ever say that they were new computers. For all we know, they were second, third-hand PCs sold off a barrow in a back street. And frankly, if you bought one of those in London’s street markets you deserve everything you get preloaded on it.

Microsoft has been very careful in its wording – not so much what it has said, but what it has left unsaid. And by not being clear on where it obtained the PCs nor in what state it bought them, it has allowed the over-hyped anti-China sentiment to shine through our media. This is encouraged by the UKUSA governments in order to divert more of our taxes to the intelligence agencies who will primarily use it to spy on their own citizens. And so far, it looks as if they will get away with it.

My favourite quote on the whole subject comes from the chief security guy at China’s Huawei Technologies. He said, “The bottom line is that you can’t assume that all things East are bad, and all things West are good. In terms of security, we have to be suspicious of everybody.” Before you dismiss that as clever propaganda, its worth considering the chief security guy’s pedigree. His name is John Suffolk and in his own words, “I have 7 years’ experience in the UK Government and was Her Majesty’s Government CIO and CISO for 5 years steering £16bn IT budget per annum using 50,000 IT professionals (after outsourcing).”

I’m not for one second saying that China is good and UKUSA is bad; but I’m saying that so far there is no actual proof for all of the accusations leveled against China. Certainly no proof like a President admitting government involvement in cyber attacks (Stuxnet et al) against a sovereign foreign state. So before you believe all of this anti-China bull, remember that our own governments are at least as bad – and that they are promoting this feeling in order to award the intelligence services even more of our money.

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