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Townsend slips into the Grammar Fascisti

September 19, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

As I get, well, more mature, I find myself becoming increasingly intolerant of these highly paid (often by my taxes), poorly educated (even though they probably got A-Star A-levels and red-brick double-firsts) moronic murderers of the English language. (If you are more than forty, this doesn’t apply.)

In the weeks prior to the Tour of Britain coming to the rural backroads of Devon, garish yellow signs appeared at regular intervals along the roadsides.

Advanced notice… they said. I tried; I tried very hard, but could find nothing advanced about them. They were, in fact, very basic notices – just simple prior warnings of weaponised wheels spinning far too fast.

But I became more and more apoplectic with every advanced notice I passed. If you cannot use the English language correctly, go back to school. Don’t get paid for annoying me!

There. Feel better now. Stay calm and keep taking the medication.

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