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Democracy. It’s just an awkward device to make the people feel important

September 26, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The great weakness in democracy is that whenever you ask the people what they want, they choose something other than what they’re going to get. The great strength is it doesn’t matter: you can always ignore them, go round them or go over them. Whichever route you choose, those damn people will have what we give them.

So, in the UK, the government always chooses self-regulation over legislation. Getting internet censorship legislation voted through the two houses will be difficult; but persuading the ISPs to voluntarily enforce that censorship, step by step, will be easy. The UK simply ignores democracy.

The EU goes round the people. Ask the people and they’ll throw it out, like ACTA. So the EU gets round democracy by sidestepping it; like the private deal being discussed by the Clean IT project between the ISPs and the law enforcement and intelligence services. This way there’s no pesky parliament interfering, and no awkward judges to satisfy.

But both of these approaches are too lily-livered for the macho American presidency. Obama’s approach is to drive straight over democracy and sod the people. If the judges declare his NDAA unconstitutional, so what? He’ll have it anyway. And if Congress rejects his Cybersecurity Bill, who cares? He’ll force it through on an executive order regardless of the people.

Democracy. Pah! Who needs it.

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