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No wonder the police have a bad press

I live in Devon. Devon police aren’t like the Met. They’re nice down here.

Take Sarah Giles.

Terribly nice. Exactly the sort of community policing you’d want. But obviously a bit much for the Seniors.

Nevermind. According to the Guardian, “the assistant chief constable of the force, Chris Boarland, said the officer was now undergoing training,” and that it is “entirely possible in the relatively near future” that she would be allowed to tweet about her work again.

Muzzled staff? Undergoing training? I seem to recall that being a favourite phrase of other regimes. When did we start re-educating people who don’t say what we want? The spirit of Stalin lives on in Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary.

And anyway, could some kind PR agency explain what a gem Topsham has, and is likely to lose, in Sarah Giles?


…and she’s back.

Coooeeee!!!! I’m back!!!! 😀 *does weird little celebratory dance*

A welcome breath of fresh – and human – air in a profession that struggles to be relevant to ordinary people.


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