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Did we really vote for these people? God help us.

A letter from the ‘Litigation Group’ of a firm of London lawyers starts “We act for the UK Government Department of the…” It is addressed to a US company that hosts a website that would seem to the subject a UK injunction. The UK lawyers want the US company to obey a UK injunction that is not relevant in the US.

Good luck with that.

But if that is not absurd enough, look at the threat – not a legal threat, but not even veiled – in the letter.

However, should you choose not to assist us in this matter, we reserve the right to seek an enforcement order. This may result in significant costs, which [UK government department] would seek to recover from you. We note from other correspondence which we have seen that you have ‘limited resources’ and we do not favour this action, given that it may put the very future of your organisation at risk.

Additionally, if you choose not to co-operate, this may become a criminal matter and we will contact the relevant authorities within your jurisdiction. As stated, this is not our preferred action, but without your co-operation and in light of the seriousness of the matter, we may have no other option.

There is a right way and a wrong way to do things. This is not the right way – and makes me ashamed of our government.

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