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Rebellion follows breakdown in a feudal society – we are a broken feudal society; and Anonymous is the first sign of rebellion

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Nothing but the words we use have changed since the Middle Ages: we still live in a feudal society that is designed to funnel the labour of the masses into the pockets of the few. The ‘few’ are the owners of wealth: it used to be just landowners, now they are joined by financiers and industrialists. The government remains the administrative arm of the few: governments continue to organize the means by which the funnel works and cloak it in arguments about the ‘economy’. Even the social contract remains the same: the people hand over the results of their labour in exchange for peace, protection and security.

Problems arise in a feudal society, such as ours today, when that basic contract begins to fail. It is failing now: people feel neither protected nor secure. First, the people begin to question things. See the Truth movement. Then they start to protest. See the Occupy movement. Then they take action. See the increasingly interventionist stance of the Anonymous movement. This can only increase.

The problem is that the social contract has always been a fallacy. Government priority has never been to protect the people; it has always been to enrich the wealthy. Throughout history government has been able to fool the people by controlling information as well as money and arms. The internet is changing things. Governments still control the ‘media’, because they either own the media or are the servants of the owners of the media.

But the people are turning away from the media and looking for the truth on the internet – by reading independent bloggers, and multiple news sources such as alJazeera, RT and Mehr as well as the BBC in order to get a balance. And as the people learn more of the truth, they are less content with the status quo – that false social contract. We have reached that stage where the people will increasingly take the law into their own hands because they do not believe the governments’ law is working for them. It has already happened in parts of the Arab world. It is happening now in the ‘west’, not in the same open and bloody rebellion, but in the green shoots of rebellion shown by Anonymous.

The law was not able to protect Amanda Todd (watch her video, please), nor find the bully who drove her to suicide. So Anonymous did (or at least provided the name of the person it believes was responsible). The law is unable or unwilling to navigate the dark net and expose paedophile websites. So Anonymous does – and acts where the law doesn’t. This interventionist approach will grow because it is a popular uprising in protest against the way government fails to protect the people and concentrates on enriching the rich at the expense of the people; and that will not change.

Make no mistake, the few will not give up their current position. They are not going to say, you’re right, we’re wrong; here, take all your money back and let’s be more egalitarian from now on. They will fight, first by seeking to regain control over information through controlling the internet, then by demonizing all popular movements, then by new and draconian laws, and finally by increasing use of physical force.

All of this is happening right now, all around us. We see it everywhere. You can see it as clearly as I do if you just look and question. The issue is where do we go from here?

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  1. David Fick
    February 28, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Thank you, Kevin, for a well-articulated, spot-on assessment of our current socio-political situation. The question of “where do we go from here” is precisely the problem. The fact that the majority of the 99% live in denial of their serfdom and would sooner cling to the little that they actually have rather than take the risks necessary to create equality is a serious problem.


  2. October 24, 2012 at 6:00 pm



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