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What an Italian thinks is wrong with the UK

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Call me naive, but I would expect a guy with a BA in International and Diplomatic Studies, an MSC in Economics and Politics of European Integration, and an MA in International Relations to have a fairly subtle grasp of, well, international relations. This is Giuseppe Luca Moliterni’s take on why more than 50% of the UK population would like to leave the EU:

Main UK problems regarding the European Union can be then summarized as follows: UK still believes to be an empire and to have that kind of power; UK still believes to be the privileged partner of the United States; UK still believes to have a say in foreign policy especially in the European Union because of Catherine Ashton position. As the three elements concur in understanding the failure of UK in adapting its position in a more complex world , they also do create a single framework to understand why UK is a broken hero: it is not possible to live in the past!
Broken heroes: UK – EU Relations – Part 1: UK 

With apologies to the Welsh and Scots members of the UK, I am adding this rank (and may I add ignorant, arrogant and aggressive) anglophobia to my other reasons for wishing to leave the EU: that I believe nations should be governed by their own people; that people should be able to elect the government executive; that the EU as it stands is corrupt, bloated and controlled entirely by and for the Franco/German duopoly; and that the natural order of things is small rather than large and that large will always and inevitably disintegrate into small. As for that last point, the longer the disintegration takes, the bloodier it becomes – and I sincerely hope that neither I nor anyone I know and love is around when the European Union tears itself apart in bloody civil war. Better to break up now in a controlled and amicable manner.

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  1. August 17, 2014 at 10:57 am

    The EU foreign (and domestic) policy can only be understood in terms of a One World Government being driven by the US and European power brokers. The UK is fundamental to this because it is (currently) the centre of world finance. That is why the UK government, controlled by Big Business and Big Finance, wants the UK to stay within the EU.

    But the fundamental Anglo/Saxon psychology is rural, village and distributed. The monolithic centralized city state psychology of the EU is abhorrent to the underlying Anglo/Saxon psyche.

    This explains the contradictory attitudes coming out of the UK: business/finance/government want in; people want out. This conflict is writ small today within the UK; but it will become writ large across the globe as the One World movement tries to break down ideas of nationality. This will never be achieved: peoples are stronger than boundaries. Politicians can create and remove ‘borders’, but they cannot control loyalties.

    The One World will inevitably break down into minor and major local conflicts. The only way to control this will be by force. If there is just ‘one world’, there will be no need for a standing army. It is the police who will need to control the conflicts. The police will evolve into a standing army, requiring ever increasing force to quell the disturbances.

    The One World will become a brutal police state. It must never happen. Breaking up the EU is a first and necessary step to protect personal freedoms and liberties. Small is not merely beautiful, it is natural.


  2. Giuseppe Luca Moliterni
    August 16, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    Just one thing, please add that I am currently undertaking a PhD in Politics (focusing on EU external relations) at the University of Leicester. By the way, I did not expect to deserve this kind of attention. Anyway, and I am gonna point out one thing, because you have only taken from my text the words that you wanted, excluding all the other aspect I have analysed. Back in 2012 I wrote “What about the economic side of the membership? UK has never been a full user of EU funds because of its productive structure (UK is a service based economy), because of its agriculture (compared to France quota of CAP payments UK do not receive much), but also and mainly because EU has always designed a budget structure to satisfy France and Germany needs, especially after Germany reunification and nowadays it should be a surprise if UK asks for a serious cut of EU budget for the period 2014-2020. As from the EU budget depends most of the other policies, EU has failed once again in developing an attractive framework for UK related to funds utilization. For example, talking about R&D, Germany takes around 50% of the total budget. Why then UK should contribute to the budget? “. (http://moliterni.blogactiv.eu/2012/11/26/broken-heroes-uk-%E2%80%93-eu-relations-%E2%80%93-part-2-eu/). That’s it, just for further information, Nothing personal of course, but make sure you really consider what you write and to read everything properly before writing.


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