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The Horseless Carriage Bill

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I propose that motorised vehicles be banned. They kill innocent women and children in our streets. They allow serious organized criminals to get to and escape from the scene of their crimes. They carry terrorists to training camps and targets. They allow paedophiles to cruise the streets looking for their prey, and provide enticements to promote abduction. And they kill many, many more innocent members of the public than terrorism does. The police should have the power to arrest any and all drivers of horseless carriages on sight.

As Theresa May said today in an exclusive interview in Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper

The people who say they’re against this bill need to look victims of serious crime, terrorism and child sex offences in the eye and tell them why they’re not prepared to give the police the powers they need to protect the public.

Anybody who is against this bill is putting politics before people’s lives.

We would certainly see criminals going free as a result of this.
Track crime on net or we’ll see more people die

I endorse this wholeheartedly. Ban the horseless carriage. All of those pinko liberals who claim that such a law would destroy any value in a free society worth defending against serious criminals, terrorists and sex offenders are lily-livered apologists who simply don’t understand that control is far more useful than liberty.

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