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Europol warns about a new wave of illegal immigrants infiltrating Europe

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Listen to the pundits and they will tell you that the world faces a terrifying cybergeddon in 2013: open nation-sponsored cyberwarfare; critical infrastructure meltdown caused by cyberterrorists; worldwide banking system brought to its knees by criminals and Anonymous; hacked drones attacking Capitol Hill courtesy of Iran; terrorists and paedophiles rampaging up and down the information highway; and murder, extortion and rape by the internet of things.

That’s why it was so reassuring to learn that the world I grew up in hasn’t quite gone forever. Australian and North American biker gangs are taking over the real world in Europe. “The arrival of Comancheros and Rebels from Australia, Rock Machine from Canada, plus Mongols and Vagos from the USA creates tension with established outlaw motorcycle clubs in Europe,” warns Europol.

Hells Angels

Source: Europol

It’s good to know that the old traditions, the “propensity to use extreme forms of violence” with “the use of automatic rifles like Kalashnikovs, and explosive devices such as grenades” hasn’t disappeared completely. Who needs cyberwar when we’ve got Hells Angels patrolling the streets?

It does sort of put your feet back on the ground, doesn’t it?

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