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Civil war isn’t coming – it’s here

Stratfor founder and CEO George Friedman talks about the potential for civil war in Europe. He discusses the ‘national tensions and the class tensions’ that have prevented a European solution to the European (and, by extension, the World) problem. But, “If the Europeans do not generate that sort of solution in 2013, it is time to seriously doubt whether a solution is possible and therefore to think about the future of Europe without the European Union.”

The problem, he suggests, is that the European elite has done much to stave off another banking crisis, but little for the people. “And since the core promise of the European Union was prosperity, the failure to deliver that prosperity — and the delivery of poverty instead, unevenly distributed — is not sustainable.” That poverty could have serious consequences. “Progress, if not a solution, must become visible. It is difficult to see how continued stagnation and unemployment at these levels can last another year without starting to generate significant political opposition that will create governments, or force existing governments, to tear at the fabric of Europe.”

He doesn’t use the term ‘civil war’, but that’s really what he’s talking about. He compares the rise of the far right in Greece now to the rise of the Nazis in Germany for basically similar reasons: severe poverty and lack of national esteem imposed by external forces perceived to be corrupt and self-seeking. Since this is happening within the Union, it is a civil rather than international war.

But Friedman, like our national leaders, has not yet grasped that the entire world is already in civil war. It is a war being fought by the people against corruption and arrogance and mis-management by the political classes and their instruments. It is a civil war being fought on the streets by Occupy and on the internet by Anonymous – and with the continuing corruption, lies, cronyism, mismanagement and double-standards from the people we pay to protect us it is only going to spread.

Steubenville is an example of both the cause and effect of this civil war. A 15 year-old girl was drugged and raped by multiple members of the local high school football team. Two were arrested and charged with adult rape and kidnap. The kidnap charge has been dropped, the rape charges moved to the minor court, and both are released on bail. Nobody else has been charged.

I challenge everybody to read two statements: one from Anonymous (The Steubenville Files), and one from the City of Steubenville and the Steubenville Police Department (Steubenville Facts). You may draw your own conclusions. If you have a strong stomach – but only if you have a strong stomach – watch this video:



If the double-standards, corruption, cronyism and self-protecting lies of our political leaders and their law enforcement instruments is not stamped out, and political forces start to protect the innocent from the evil, rather than the evil from the innocent, then the civil war being led by Anonymous and Occupy will undoubtedly and inevitably spread. The People will stand up and say, We’ve had enough.

See also: Rebellion follows breakdown in a feudal society – we are a broken feudal society; and Anonymous is the first sign of rebellion

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