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Who owns the Black Bloc?

January 29, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

The problem with children is that they sometimes grow stronger than their parents expect. This happened in Afghanistan where the US supported the Mujahideen against the Russian occupiers, which later splintered and evolved into the Taliban, which the US, ably aided and abetted by the UK, were forced to tackle by invasion.

It apparently is happening now in the Arab world where the West occasionally supports the Muslim Brotherhood when and where it suits their purpose; but is not so happy when the Muslim Brotherhood gains power and shows its independence – as now in Egypt?

So now, suddenly, there is a new force in Egypt: the Black Bloc. “We are the Black Bloc … seeking peoples’ liberation, the fall of corruption and the toppling of the tyrant,” proclaimed a video announcing the group’s formation, posted online on Thursday (says the Darker Net). “When approached by journalists, the masked activists said they refused to talk to the media, but mysteriously ‘mentioned anarchism’ as a source of inspiration for their tactics.”

Hang on a bit – anarchy is usually defined as the absence of authority; and with no authority there can be no organization.

Yesterday and after we finished our event, we met some of the revolutionary movements and decided to unite together in our next attacks. Hence we did our first two attacks:

1- Setting fire to Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) online office.
2- Setting fire in the Ikhwan office in Al-Manial street in Cairo.

And we announced our revolution from today in Al-Tahrir Square until Egypt and its people get their rights back!

Life, Freedom and social justice!
Black Bloc communique to the Darker Net

Well the Black Bloc is clearly organized and has some internal authority and is therefore not anarchy. So what I want to know is, who is behind the Black Bloc pulling the strings?

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