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Don’t we care about liberty in Europe?

February 12, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Finally, someone in the UK’s mainstream press has woken up and noticed the EU Cybersecurity Directive – Europe’s CISPA. The Daily Mail, so usually in the pocket of any Conservative government, has spoken:



Daily Mail warns about the new EU Cybersecurity Directive


The language is typical Mail sensationalism, but the facts are essentially correct. The worry is that this EU Directive goes much further than Cameron’s cherished Communications Bill – already broadly known as the Snoopers’ Charter. The danger is that because it’s from the EU, which already owns our legislative process, Cameron and his GCHQ puppet-masters can just turn around and say, sorry guys, we’ve got no choice, the Treaty of Lisbon blah blah blah…

But the surprise is that this dangerous, draconian, police state Directive – much more extreme than CISPA in the US; which incidentally will be re-introduced in the US on Wednesday, along with a presidential executive order decreeing the same thing – is causing hardly a ripple in Europe. Are we so punch-drunk by the politically motivated economic crisis that we are already dead? Do we not care about liberty in Europe any more?

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