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Cameron wants Indian students to save the UK universities

February 20, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you noticed our dearly beloved prime minister trying to recruit Indian students for our UK universities?

That’s because he denuded the universities with excessive tuition charges. Even with the incredibly poor education system we now have, kids coming out of school are intelligent enough to know that wracking up debts of £30,000 to get a degree that no employer wants in a market that has no jobs just doesn’t make any sense. So it’s better to go straight on job seekers allowance now, debt free, than in 3 years time with a millstone around the neck.

But the danger in attracting Indian and Chinese and Brazilian students is that Cameron will reduce our higher education system to just another commercial enterprise. Those foreign students will come in, pay their fees, get their degrees and then go back to their native countries – not out of any anti-British sentiment, but simply because their own economies are growing much faster and creating more jobs.

The tragedy is that British companies haven’t seen the opportunity. They should be creaming off our top Sixth Formers with offers to pay off student debts if they join the company at the end of tuition with a first or second class degree.

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