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Freedom and control: the shift from debt to food

What is freedom? Freedom is the ability to live your life without external interference. We do not enjoy it.

What is control? Control is the ability to limit freedom by external interference. We suffer from it.

How is freedom controlled?

Right now, freedom is controlled by debt. Families do what they are told for fear of losing their homes. Countries do what they are told for fear of national bankruptcy. But debt is like money; it doesn’t really exist. Once you have taken everything from someone, you release them from the bonds of fear. Debt, ultimately, is a poor control.

What else could we use? We could live without cars and televisions and washing machines and even Facebook. The threat of losing these is not, ultimately, any form of control.

But there are two things we cannot live without: food and water.

They have already sold our water to big business. Water, that liquid that falls from the sky, is owned by business which it sells to us at a price it decides, and is withheld from us under conditions it prescribes.

And now food. They are transferring the ownership of food and the means of its production to Monsanto and other big companies.

When the ability to get water to drink and the right to grow food to eat is controlled by others, then they have complete control and we have no freedom.

Freedom can only be assured with food and water independence. They know that, and want to prevent it.

You may not accept that there is design and intent behind this process; but the fact is, it is happening. And we all have a responsibility to prevent it: by opposing the process, by growing our own food, by supporting our farmers, and where necessary by defying our governments.

Freedom that is lost will never be regained.

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