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If I were a businessman…

If I were a businessman, I would want a business that sold lots of things with a huge mark up to lots of people over and over again.

Better not be medicine, then, because medicine cures people; and cured people won’t buy more medicine – diminishing returns automatically built into success.

Unless, of course, my medicines don’t cure people; unless they actually make them sick in different ways so that I can sell more and different medicines at a huge mark up to the same people.

Oh, but that’s a difficult sell!

Unless, of course, I can get a huge sales team – like the NHS – to sell my medicines to a captive audience; and perhaps a few governments to promote the sale with fears of unbridled consequences if they don’t buy my medicines.

It’s beginning to look better.

But there’s always the competition that might reproduce my medicine and sell it at a reasonable price. Nevermind, a few international trade agreements and nasty consequences will stop that.

So that just leaves alternative medicines. Herbs for example. There are lots of statistical studies that show that things like Chinese herbal preparations are better at fighting cancer than western drugs – and they’re so much cheaper. Maybe if we can get governments to ban herbs and vitamin supplements…

No. Far too fanciful. I’d never get all of that. Better stick to banking and lending people money I haven’t got.

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