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The EC, which is undemocratic and unaccountable to the people and generally gets its way in Europe, is evil. I don’t wish to be part of it.

UKUSA is even more evil, and I certainly don’t wish to be part of that.

I yearn for a little rural England, where having less is to have much, much more. Like peace, and freedom, and privacy and self-esteem.

It is vested interests – whether you call that big business like pharma, oil, weapons and banks; or ‘illuminati’ like the individuals who own big business and pull the strings of government – that keep us chained to a wheel of world conflict.

That wheel of conflict is designed solely to channel the production of the people into the pockets of the rulers. I’m not talking about the Camerons and Obamas of this world who are mere lieutenants in a hierarchy that trade their souls, like the millionaire socialist Blair, for a few million pounds or dollars. I’m talking about those who pull the strings that make Cameron and Obama and Blair and Bush dance.

If you think surveillance is designed to protect us, think again. It is designed to control us, to maintain conflict, and continue the syphoning of production from the people to the few.

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