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EDPS statement on PRISM and the NSA

The European Data Processing Supervisor has issued a statement on the NSA and PRISM:

The EDPS is following the NSA story closely and is concerned about the possible serious implications for the privacy and other fundamental rights of EU citizens.

We welcome the request by the Chairman of the Article 29 Working Party, Mr. Jacob Kohnstamm, on 7 June to the Commission to seek clarification of the facts as soon as possible.

We expect the issue will be discussed at the EU-US Summit this Friday.

We will continue to monitor the situation.

I think this should be read in conjunction with a beautifully savage shredding of a letter from the UK’s Chris Grayling to the European Commission demanding that the GDPR be slowed down and abandoned in favour of a weaker directive. Grayling included a copy of an ICO report that I suggested was confused and confusing in my report on Infosecurity Magazine. And, not surprisingly, Viviane Reding would have none of it and pointed out the inconsistencies and inaccuracies in Grayling’s logic.

Grayling’s inconsistency was inevitable. He had to pretend that the UK’s reluctance was based on economic grounds. This is palpable rubbish. The reality behind the UK position is ferocious lobbying by those same US corporations that are a part of the PRISM operation. A strong European data protection regulation will really throw the cat among the pigeons where GCHQ and NSA co-operation via PRISM is concerned.

You know I don’t like Europe. But just for once I have to say, rock on Viv!

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