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Stand with Edward Snowden – reject our government

Britain tells Snowden he isn’t welcome. As if!

Airlines have been warned not to carry Edward Snowden to the UK. But it is absurd to imagine that he would even consider it — the only safe place in the UK for anyone wanted by the US would appear to be the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

That said, by what right does the home office exclude him?

BBC security correspondent Gordon Corera said the Home Office does have the power to block people’s entry to the UK in certain circumstances, such as if it believes it is in the public interest to do so.
Edward Snowden ‘banned from flying to UK’

If that is correct, it merely makes Theresa May and the Home Office even more ridiculous than I thought. It means that telling the UK public that a secretive government agency in the US is using a secret interpretation of a US law to spy on the British public is against the public interest.


We should welcome Snowden as a hero. And we should consign every one of our current crop of MPs, starting with May and Cameron, into the dust cart of history for illegally colluding in an illegal and morally corrupt surveillance scheme.

Sign the petition: Stand with Edward Snowden – stop Prism.

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