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Mandiant: what planet do you live on?

When Mandiant released its report on Chinese hacking, my response was

Thing is, I don’t trust Mandiant…

So for me there is a slight suggestion that perhaps there is another motive behind this report. And that’s where the closeness of Mandiant with the UKUSA government worries me.
Mandiant says it was the Chinese military what did it

When you say something like that, you always wonder, ‘was I right, did I overreact, have I been unfair?’

Well, I didn’t overreact and I wasn’t unfair. Today Mandiant published a comment on the US/China summit, 7-8 June. This is the final paragraph verbatim:

Washington and Beijing have different visions for the future; cyber espionage is one of the obstacles that prevent these two visions from being compatible. While Washington has attempted to shape Beijing into a responsible global partner in its own image over the last decade, the PRC has its own vision for the future including former PRC President Hu Jintao’s “Peaceful Rise” and now Xi’s “China Dream.” Although Beijing does not openly advocate corporate espionage, this tool has and will likely continue to be a key component in allowing the PRC to achieve its long-range economic and technology goals in a timely manner. For that reason, Beijing probably will not be willing to give up cyber espionage easily and it would take more than moderate diplomatic pressure to make them change this position.
U.S.-China Summit: Beijing’s Diplomatic Calculus for Continued Rejections of Cyber Espionage Accusations

I’ve read this several times and frankly just wonder if Mandiant is on the same planet as the rest of us. Prism? Verizon? Spying on the Russian president? Hypocrisy is the mildest word that comes to mind.

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