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That’s not surveillance. THAT’s surveillance…

“Just kids having fun,” said Paul Hogan to Linda Kozlowski. “Have fun and make the most of it,” says a GCHQ training slide. GCHQ are just kids having fun.

While the NSA has been faffing around getting secret court orders to allow access to the data of large US cloud providers, GCHQ goes straight to the heart of things: it monitors everyone, everywhere, all of the time.

Not for us Brits the inconvenience of secret court orders based on secret interpretations of contentious laws. Ignore the law. No fear: just do it. Tap the very fibre arteries that carry the world’s communications and listen to everyone.

The UK and USA are governments out of control, where the secret police spy on all of us, all of the time. In the UK we’ve known for a long time that we’re the most camera-watched nation in the world. Now we know that we are the most cyber-watched nation in the world. They watch where we are, where we go, what we do, who we speak to and what we say.

They say they keep the details for just 30 days. Do not believe them. It is not credible to think that agencies that go to this trouble to collect information just delete it after thirty days. It is stored somewhere: information is power.

Now add the growing efficiency and sophistication of big data analytics and you get dragnet robots looking through our private communications seeking out tenuous connections that could be problematic for the government.

And the audacity of the intelligence services is matched only by the sophistry of the politicians. The loss of a little privacy is an acceptable price for security. Pure sophistry. Everything is done within the law. Pure sophistry. It prevents terrorism. Pure sophistry. We only engage in targeted surveillance. Pure sophistry.

If what our politicians tell us aren’t downright simple lies, they are words consciously meant to mislead. If what GCHQ does is within the law, the law must be changed. If the politicians are unwilling to change the law, then the politicians must be changed. And if they will not go, they must be made to go.

Every single person who values his or her freedom must now stand up. The government must change or go — or be made to go.

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