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The Threat From Cyberspace — same old story

I had intended to listen to Radio 4’s Under Attack – The Threat From Cyberspace tonight — but after reading the teaser masquerading as a news story on the government’s official propaganda machine — formerly known as the BBC — I really, frankly, can’t be arsed.

It’s the same old, same old. Whenever the government is in some PR pickle over its planned legislation or actual practices, just roll out the big guns; generally speaking, Lobban from GCHQ and Hague from the Cabinet. “We are,” they always cry, “more sinned against than sinning; and you must therefore surrender your freedom and privacy so that we can stop terrorists stealing your freedom and privacy.”

Balderdash. Thing is, they actually expect us to believe them. But this one takes the biscuit. “We steal secrets too… but we steal only those things that keep British or American subjects safe and free.”

Yeah. Right.

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