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Yet more propaganda to justify total surveillance…

I see the BBC is continuing its role as official propagandist for the UK government. A new article today describes the ‘cyber-attack’ threat to London’s Olympic ceremony. As usual, there is no substance to the story; just continued fear-mongering aimed at justifying GCHQ’s total surveillance programme. And just like this time last week its primary purpose is to advertise tonight’s episode of Under Attack – The Threat From Cyberspace on Radio 4. And just like last week I shall not be listening because I’ve heard it all before.

Bruce Schneier has put it right: the issue here is not one of privacy versus security (which is how governments present it), it is one of liberty versus control.

Over in the States the Obama administration has been equally active in mobilizing its own propaganda machine. Former FBI director Louis Freeh has been talking to the Associated Press, published in the New York Times yesterday, and reiterates his own version of the cybergeddon cyber Pearl Harbor. “You could manipulate transportation systems, aviation guidance systems, highway safety systems, maritime operations systems. You could shut down an energy system in the northeast U.S. in the middle of winter. The potential for mass destruction in terms of life and property is really only limited by (the attackers’) access and success in penetrating and hijacking these networks.”

This from the government that developed Stuxnet and attacked Iran. Yawn.

I want my privacy and I want my liberty; and I do not want government spending the money it takes from me in taxes to impose its version of security through its version of control over me.

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  1. jon
    July 8, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    Unfortunately we are losing this debate to the “if you’re not doing anything wrong…” band of useful idiots who seem to form a silent majority (at this stage). The word ‘liberty’ is meaningless to people who’ve taken it for granted for generations, and we’ll probably have to see Stasi-level examples of abuse and persecution in daily life before the non-tech crowd start to realize what total control actually means. It’s enough to make me want to move to Eastern Europe, and even they haven’t thrown off their former security states as comprehensively as we’d like to believe.

    A pessimistic view, sure, but it’s getting easier to see how this narrative is being directed and it doesn’t feel good.


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