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Dangerous Dave Cameron – Family Guy

If it wasn’t so scary, it would be hilarious.

Big Dave is on the vote scrounge – blagging (speech here) gullible votes as dangerously as some press (and law firms and insurance companies) have blagged personal information.

He’s doing it by conflating child abuse (an illegal and universally loathed practice) with adult pornography (largely a legal and adult pastime) in order to create the basis for government-controlled censorship of the internet.

He has to include pornography since child abuse sites and images are already illegal, and the UK has an envious and successful record in taking down and removing such images. He doesn’t have to do anything about child abuse other than increase the resources of CEOP, IWF and SOCA.

But he wants that ability to censor the internet.

By throwing pornography into the pot he simultaneously wins the votes of mumsnet and the Daily Mail, and gains the lever to start the censorship.

What will happen is that users of the major UK ISPs (something in excess of 90%) will be forced to opt-out of an ISP operated blacklist of forbidden sites. I’m not sure how he’ll justify that with the European Union, which insists that ‘options’ have to be opt-in, not opt-out – except for national security in which the EU cannot interfere (but since everything this government does dubiously is justified by national security, that might become the chosen route).

So far, merely having to opt out doesn’t seem too onerous; and I hope that 100% of the UK population chooses to do so – not to view porn, but to make a point.

But that is just the beginning. Once the government has a list of sites that it knows it can block because of the connivance of the ISPs, that list will grow. Already it is likely to include ‘self-harm’ sites. Next will be sites nominated by the entertainment industry. Then it will be dubious political sites. Then it will be any site telling a truth that Big Dave doesn’t want known.

You think I’m joking? Where is the press discussion about GCHQ’s Tempora fibre cable surveillance disclosed by Edward Snowden? Suppressed by D Notice. With Cameron’s porn filters, the government will gain the ability to suppress anything it wants.

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