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Am I a terrorist?

September 21, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Posted on the Columbus Ohio police website is a document titled Communities Against Terrorism. It starts,

The following information is intended to list characteristics of persons that may be involved in terrorist activity that are described as “sleepers” or otherwise persons who camouflage their involvement in terrorist activity or planning by attempting to fit in with others in our society.

It then provides five ‘attitude indicators’:

  1. Support for militant Islamic groups
  2. Excusing violence against Americans on the grounds that American actions provoked the problem
  3. Fury at the West for reasons ranging from personal problems to global policies of the U.S.
  4. Conspiracy theories about Westerners (e.g. the CIA arranged for 9/11 to legitimize the invasion of foreign lands)
  5. Accusing the West of trying to destroy Islam

Let’s look at these.

1. Support for militant Islamic groups
No, I support no militant groups; but that includes large sections of the UK and US governments and their intelligence and law enforcement agencies whom I classify as militant groups (incidentally, I’m seriously not sure whether the governments run the agencies or the agencies run the governments).

2. Excusing violence against Americans…
No, I do not excuse violence against Americans

…on the grounds that American actions provoked the problem
But, yes, I do believe that US global policies (particularly globalization, control of oil, and support for western banks, defence industries and drug companies) are the ultimate cause of many of the world’s problems.

3. Fury at the West…
Fury, no; but anger, yes.

4. Conspiracy theories about Westerners…
I absolutely believe that the west has engaged in false flag operations to legitimize many things, including the invasion of foreign lands and the restriction of personal freedoms.

5. Accusing the West of trying to destroy Islam
The west is not trying to destroy Islam — the west needs Islam as a fear figure to justify bigger budgets, stronger laws, higher taxes, and, yes, the invasion of foreign lands. Rather than destroy Islam, the west needs to maintain it; but as the bogey man.

On the basis of this document, it seems clear that I am potentially if not actually a sleeper terrorist. This, says the document, “may indicate suspicious activity that warrants law enforcement scrutiny.” My neighbours should, therefore, “notify law enforcement authorities.”

I’m so glad I live in the free world.

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  1. September 26, 2013 at 1:39 am

    I think a considerable number of our politicians fit these criteria pretty well. Support for militant Islamic groups – the intervention in Syria. Excusing violence against Americans – police brutality. Conspiracy theories about Westerners – just like their rantings on ‘cyber terrorism’ and excuses for passing ‘anti-terror’ laws.


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