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  1. CP
    November 23, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Ummmm. Years and years ago I apparently also left an email address and password (which I had then forgotten), before they introduced password hints. But the LastPass app told me that two other people had used the same password and told me THEIR hint. So I now know my password. Luckily that hint won’t help ‘a bad person’ to guess that password, but should it be cracked then ‘a bad person’ will automatically have access to all three user/pass pairs that could be tried elsewhere. In fact it confirms that the same algorithm has almost certainly been used for every one of the 150 million. So that means it must be worthwhile to crack that algorithm.

    I’m relatively immune, but I am sure there are multitudes of problematic scenarios for others.

    So thank you for alerting me to the LastPass facility, thank you to LastPass for bothering to create it (and why didn’t Adobe?) and !(thank you) to Adobe for absolutely everything.


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