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Britain continues to hide GCHQ lawlessness

December 12, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

The evidence that GCHQ is engaged in illegal activity is inescapable.

Snowden called GCHQ worse than the US. It was almost certainly GCHQ rather than the NSA that hacked the Belgian telecoms company BelgaCom. And we know that GCHQ has tapped more than 200 backbone fibre cables.

Today we learn of a new document that shows that GCHQ and the Swedish agency FRA, worked together to hack unknown, but probably Russian targets in conjunction with the NSA’s Quantum injection program (the document says, “Thank Sweden for its continued work on the Russian target, and underscore the primary role that FRA plays as a leading partner to work the Russian target, including Russian leadership, energy,… and… and counterintelligence”). In relation to GCHQ and Quantum, this document says, “Last month, we received a message from our Swedish partner that GCI-IQ received FRA QUANTUM tips that led to 100 shots, five of which were successfully redirected to the GCHQ server.”

So GCHQ breaks British and European laws. There can be no doubt.

So what does Cameron do? Does his government call for an investigation? Does it demand that its intelligence agency curb its activities? Does it hellaslike.

  • It declares GCHQ activity legal.
  • It arrests, detains and confiscates the computer of the boyfriend of a journalist as he stops over at Heathrow on the way from Germany to Brazil.
  • It demands and oversees the physical destruction of a newspaper’s computers.
  • It refuses to allow the EU to put spying on the table in discussions with the US.
  • It threatens the editor of a newspaper with prosecution under the Terrorist Act.

And now one more act that no longer surprises. German MEP and Green politician Jan Philipp Albrecht issued the following statement today about a possible video hearing with Richard [oops! corrected, 13/12/2013] Edward Snowden:

The political groups – except the ECR group of British Tories… agreed on a possible hearing with Edward Snowden via video recording. They paved the way for answers of Edward Snowden to the European Parliament… For the Members of the European Parliament, his answers would be an important step up to substantial fact-finding and to draw consequences from mass surveillance.

True to form, Britain does not want anyone, including its own people, to know what GCHQ does, and which laws it breaks, in their name.

Dear Mr Cameron, you have turned the United Kingdom into a fascist state. I hope you are proud of yourself. I am ashamed of you.

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