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Russia leapfrogs China to become cyber enemy #1

January 27, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Have you noticed that Russia seems to be replacing China as America’s cyber enemy #1? Since this cannot possibly be in retaliation for Putin granting asylum, albeit temporary, to Edward Snowden; nor in response to Russia’s diplomacy throwing a late spanner in US plans to bomb Syria, it must all be true.

First, we have learnt, courtesy of life-long dove Mike Rogers, who wouldn’t bomb an ant if he could avoid it, that Snowden could only do what he did because of assistance from the Russian secret service. Then we learn that the Target breach was all the fault of a Russian teenager; and that “Energetic Bear is an adversary group with a nexus to the Russian Federation that conducts intelligence collection operations against a variety of global victims with a primary focus on the energy sector.” The implication is that since the Russian economy is largely reliant on the energy sector, it behoves the Russian government to indulge in a little cyber dalliance.

Energetic Bear’s modus operandi, incidentally, is the watering hole attack – which purely co-incidentally seems to be the method preferred by the Comment Crew (aka, according to Mandiant, the Chinese government). But we haven’t heard a vast amount of criticism directed at the Chinese just recently; in fact, au contraire. There is now a mutual love-in with the Chinese authorities and the FBI collaborating in taking down email hackers in the two countries.

Politics is a strange and ever-shifting thing. It makes friends of enemies and enemies of friends overnight, depending more on economics than on truth.

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