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The truth; and why you need to vote for your favourite blog

February 2, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

The truth often gets distorted by the hidden agendas of society’s three primary security reporting mediums: the government, the mainstream media, and the industry itself.

Government DNA is ‘control’. It controls via restrictive legislation. It warns of the coming cyber apocalypse to justify both its control, and its agencies’ budgets. It recognises four apocalyptic horsemen that will spell the end of civilization as we know it: terrorists, paedophiles, drug dealers and money launderers – and it continually stresses the threat they pose. The greater the perceived public threat, the easier it is to justify and pass restrictive controlling legislation, for the good of the people who have nothing to fear if they do nothing wrong.

The mainstream media is dying in its print form and struggling online. It desperately needs to sell more copies and attract more visitors. To do this it needs to stay on track with the government (in order to have access to ministers and the latest news) and to be sensational. The truth is often a casualty caught between these two pressures.

The security industry is generally the best of the bunch; but with some serious problems. All too often it generates reports and studies that confirm government’s latest prejudices (governments are invariably the single biggest market for their products), and heightens the threat to better sell its products.

This blog is different. It is independent of all external pressures. It receives no funding from any source and is in thrall to no-one. Independent blogs, in whatever subject, may well be our best long-term hope for unbiased opinion.

This blog attempts to present news and information from an independent and unashamedly cynical viewpoint. The hope is that readers will be encouraged to look beyond official reasoning and, let’s face it, official propaganda. It tries to do so in an entertaining fashion.

It is my hope that readers will vote for their favourite blog – because blogs are the future of independent opinion. If you have a few minutes, please do so here: http://www.ashimmy.com/2014/01/2014-social-security-blogger-award-voting-is-now-open.html. This blog has been nominated for ‘most entertaining security blog‘.

Thank you.

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