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Cyber War News closes – probably permanently

February 3, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

When I checked on cyberwarnews.info this morning I got a GoDaddy parking page asking me (and of course all other visitors) if I’d like to buy the domain name.

That’s sad.

I asked @Cyber_War_News what had happened, and was told simply, “…is gone and most likely for good.”

A slightly different message subsequently appeared on the site. It confirms that the site has closed, and says that it is very unlikely to return, “but you just never know.” It then explains what happened. It ran a story about the Bell Canada breach and claims it got 70,000 hits in 24 hours. This took it well above the traffic limits of its provider business plan.

It would seem, then, that CyberWarNews.info has been killed off by its own success. Without the financial resources to pay for a successful site, it has closed.

This is very sad for independent news. It is something we are likely to see in increasing numbers in the future. If governments get their way in forcing ISPs to be more proactive in policing the internet, and in storing masses of customer data, ISP prices are likely to increase in order to pay for it. When that happens, there will be more casualties.

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