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The dangers of automation

February 17, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

I got this Skype message this morning from a much-loved and well-respected colleague:




Well it was news to me; so I asked what made him think that. He sent me a link; and that link led me to this:




And so it continues – I am mentioned 28 times on this page.

I quickly checked my emails to see if some rich aunt had passed over and left me a new website in her will; but all I could find were a few other opportunities:

…my name is Michael Smith and I want you to assist me received huge sum of (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) for Investment purpose in your country and am willing to offer you 40% of the total sum for your great support. You might also wonder how i got your contact, I got it through the internet when i was looking for a trust worthy person i can trust to handle this project.

and this




(yes, there was my rich aunt in all her glory still very much alive), and this

…a woman with the name (Ms. Gail Jackson) Came to Our Office with an Application Stating That she is your sister and You Gave Her the Power Of Attorney to Be the Beneficiary of Your Outstanding Contract Award Funds. She Made Us To Believe That You Are Dead And That She Is Your Next Of Kin…

That last one was worth $5.6 million; but sadly it was mistaken identity – I’ve never had a sister.

The reality is probably less interesting. It’s probably a new site under development. The developer is using a privacy statement template, and where it says ‘enter your name’, he entered mine. Or maybe all of the variables are in a separate file and are merged automatically; but in this instance they’ve got out of sync.

Sadly, I do not have a new gig with wossname; and I have no idea how my name became so elevated. But it is gratifying, nevertheless…

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