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Care.data. Care what? asked my GP

February 19, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had to speak to my GP today. It was a telephone consultation with what is, generally speaking, a pretty good surgery.

When we finished, I said, “While I’ve got you, I’d like to state my objection to inclusion in care.data.”

“In what?” he replied. “Care…?”

I explained. “I want to stress that I must not personally be identifiable with any health data that leaves your premises, nor any data that leaves HSCIC.”

“Oh,” he said. “You’ll have to write to the practice manager about that.” (Well, I have already done that; but the advantage of repeating it here is that I now have a recording of the event. Letters can be lost or denied; a recording in my possession cannot. It’s good, this VoIP thing.)

“No,” I said. “According to the official NHS documentation, all I have to do is tell you.”

“Oh, all right. I’ll pass it on to the practice manager. She’s probably got a form for you to fill in.”

“While we’re at it,” I added, “I’d like a comment added to my notes, please. I object to any of my personal records leaving your care at all. It is my opinion that if that happens, it will be in contravention of the European Union’s Data Protection Directive.”

I’m not a lawyer, obviously — but then neither is he.

But actually I do believe it would contravene the data protection principles for two basic reasons. Despite all the publicity about an explanatory leaflet from the NHS, I have never received one. That means that I have not been informed that my personal data is going to be passed to a third-party, nor have I had the process explained to me; and that while I should have to opt in to this process, I haven’t even been given the opportunity to opt out.

It all just goes to show that the whole thing is a deceitful farce.

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