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You would expect better from the BBC

In a report on China’s concerns over NSA spying on Huawei, The BBC stated yesterday,

Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong last year and has since been granted asylum in Russia.

He continues to release information that claims to reveal the global activities of the NSA.

This is false. Snowden handed the documents to journalists to decide what should and should not be released. His legal representative Ben Wizner explained this very clearly:

You know, the number of documents that Edward Snowden has made available to the public is zero. What he did is give information to journalists, with the instruction that they and their editors, in consultation, where necessary, with government officials, decide what was in the public interest to publish, and to withhold information that would be harmful to publish.

It is the newspapers and the journalists concerned who are releasing the information, not Edward Snowden.

But come to think of it, I long ago ceased expecting better of the BBC.

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