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Full Disclosure shuts down again

Just how hard it can be to operate a controversial mailing list that frequently sails close to the legal wind was amply demonstrated yesterday when, for the second time in a month, the Full Disclosure mailing list was suddenly shut down. Fyodor, its new operator, announced yesterday:

Sorry I can’t do this anymore. List closed!
Hello everyone. I know I just started the new Full Disclosure list, but
it’s not working out :(. Everything may seem fine from the outside, but it
has been nonstop grief from here. I’m not just talking about the (normal
and expected) troll posts or all the petty complainers. We’ve already
gotten a DMCA takedown demand, two other legal threats, and a sustained DoS
attack which is disrupting all our other services too. And now our ISP is
threatening to shut us down!

It’s kind of embarrassing that John Cartwright lasted 12 years and I
couldn’t even handle a week, but there it is. I do appreciate the many of
you who were supportive.

List closed!

Then he added, April Fool! “We already have 7,226 members and more than 100 posts in this first week. That includes numerous new vulns, from SQL injection to privacy issues and even a physical security problem. Please keep up the good work!”

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