This site is about computer and information security. It is maintained by Kevin Townsend, the original founder of ITsecurity.com and a freelance journalist and writer with more than 10 years experience in writing about security issues.

It comprises two themes: industry news and personal views. In all cases I try, wherever possible, to add my own comments and views.

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Politics is the newest category on the site. In general, I believe that security and liberty are different positions of the same thing; and that you cannot increase one without decreasing the other. Governments and security vendors want to increase security (because that is what they are selling), even though it decreases our liberty. We need to protect our liberty, otherwise security is meaningless. The Politics category does not cover the full spectrum of political life, but concentrates on the areas where politics affects the balance between security and liberty.

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A secondary function of the site is simply to advertise ME. There is a big difference between how I write for myself and how I write for customers. The site therefore includes samples of work I have been commissioned to write, and you can find them here. If you are looking for a freelance writer on any technology subject, but especially information security, then you need look no further. Just contact me.