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When Frederick R. Barnard coined the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ he was talking first about advertising on streetcars, and then he was specifically selling baking powder. That’s fine. If you’re selling to an audience on the Underground’s escalators, or pedestrians watching the passing traffic, then use a picture.

Barnard first wrote One Look is Worth A Thousand Words (December 8, 1921). He later re-used the idea as One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words (March 10, 1927) and falsely claimed it to be an old Chinese proverb. The modern phrase seems to have come from combining the two.

But for just about everything else, I’m afraid he got it wrong. Your latest software, or hardware breakthrough; your corporate philosophy or conceptual discussion, cannot be sold in the same way as baking powder. For this you need words. But not just any words. You need the right words – and that means using an experienced professional. When it comes to selling your company, products and services, copy is king.

The secret to effective marketing is paying the right price for the correct copy. Get this right, and you will succeed.

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