Sample Design Work – circa 1986

In the mid-1980s ICL launched its revolutionary Quattro computer running Concurrent CP/M-86. We were asked to produce a series of booklets to illustrate its multi-user, multi-tasking capabilities. We had little time and no lee-way; it was to be delivered straight to the ICL stand on the first morning of one of the big computer shows at the NEC.

It was typeset using WordStar. The cartoons, and there are many more within the booklets, were drawn straight onto the galleys. But we did it.



The cover




The accounts booklet




The word processing booklet




The planning (spreadsheet) booklet




The information management (database) booklet




The copyright notice


Well, of course, no-one will have ever seen a design quite like this one. But just in case you think you have, I would ask you to check the dates. This design was copyrighted to The Goodbye Press, which was the publishing arm of Townsend and Taphouse, in 1986.


  1. Pete Wooledge
    March 29, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    Hello Kevin,

    Just to let you know that the ICL PC Quattro and many other ICL machines are alive and well at my ICL and related museum here at home.
    There were six different series of the ICL PC during the 80’s starting at 1981 through to 1988. They are all here among other ICL machines of that era.

    If you happen to have a spare copy of your ICL booklet I would love to have one for the museum, at your price of course.



    • March 29, 2010 at 9:23 pm

      Hi Pete

      As far as I know, ours is the last copy. Kate (who did all the design and cartoons) and I would be delighted to donate this copy to the museum.



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