For Publications

I have more than average experience in writing for publications, and can provide any of the following:

print and online articles
I have had literally thousands of articles published. My style is always tailored to the style of the publisher, and can be anything from old-school BBC to contemporary irreverence à la Register. Published work includes:

  • news
  • hardware and software product reviews
  • product comparisons
  • concept explanations
  • interviews with both techies and corporate leaders
  • case studies
  • company analyses
  • market analyses

other web content
I have contributed to websites, and designed and maintained a website:

  • websites: I was the original founder, developer and editor of (max visitors during my tenure: 250,000 per month)
  • guest blogging: see this site for sample work

contract magazine editor
I have had periods as contract editor for:

  • Software Magazine
  • Information Security Bulletin
  • Infosecurity Today

Titles I have produced and edited at one time or another include the arcane and sometimes archaic sounding:

  • Word Processing Update
  • Office Update
  • Operating Systems and Networks
  • EEMA newsletter (the original print newsletter that is now online)

special reports
I researched and wrote a number of reports for Datapro, which usually entailed analysing one client or its products for a different client.

If it can be written, I can write it. A selection of non-standard work includes:

  • scripts researched and written for an early television series broadcast by the then BSkyB – the series was on the comparative performance and design of new PCs
  • a four booklet compendium on the ICL Quattro designed, written, typeset, printed and delivered to the Which Computer Show for ICL
  • a series of ‘How to use…’ books for Gower Publishing, describing the new ‘home’ computers in the 1980s (BBC Micro, Dragon, Sinclair and so on)
  • a training manual for the chefs in a highway/motorway restaurant chain
  • a confidential comparison of foreign car quality for a UK car manufacturer
  • original editor of VNU’s Micro Computer Users’ Yearbook
  • and even stranger things

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